Teaser #4 For Moreci and Malhotra’s Upcoming Image Comic
May 30, 2014 by     Comments Off on Teaser #4 For Moreci and Malhotra’s Upcoming Image Comic    Posted In: News

Roche LimitToday marks the penultimate teaser in the week long buildup to the announcement of a new Image book from writer Michael Moreci, artist Vic Malhotra, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Ryan Ferrier. We’ve already seen floating astronauts, old guys in space, and intergalactic corporations, so what’s next? Well, today brings something pretty cool. Check it out.

This is my favorite teaser so far. Most any great scifi story needs aliens, and it seems there may just be some in this new book.

What do you think the teaser is for? What sort of story can we expect from the creative team and Image?


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