Teen Wolf Review: Fury
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Teen Wolf LogoMatt’s connection with the kanima and his motive for murder are revealed. Allison seeks retribution for her mother’s death. And I am an emotional train wreck. Just another Monday night of watching Teen Wolf.

We start off with Scott and Stiles convincing Stiles’ dad that Matt’s the killer (leaving out everything about the kanima, of course). This goes over well and they plan on going to arrest him, when lo and behold Matt shows up at the police station. He holds the trio hostage at gunpoint and forces them to destroy all the work they’ve done on the case. During this time we find out why Matt has been sending the kanima to kill people.

Teen Wolf AllisonMatt tells Scott that he was trading comics with Isaac, which was incidentally the same time Isaac’s father was hosting a victory party for the swim team. There was underage drinking involved and one thing led to another and Matt ends up being tossed into the pool, nearly drowning. No one tried to help him and when Isaac’s dad finally pulled him out of the water he made him promise not to tell anyone what happened and told him it was his fault he almost drowned because he didn’t know how to swim. I will say this is kind of a weak motive because he’s not a ghost or anything and he didn’t actually die. But he talks about all the nightmares he had and honestly my heart breaks for him. Plus I’m sure Matt has a few screws loose (which is really shown through Stephen Lunsford’s American Psycho/Shining inspired performance, so all the awards to him tonight) so I’ll buy it.

Then there’s Allison. It’s her turn to lead her family and she wants to kill Derek. I love Allison for many reasons. She’s a strong female character and I normally dislike female leads, but I love Allison. She’s a badass. There’s no other way to put it. I’m so conflicted because as much as I love seeing this strong, independent female, it pains me that she’s not on the side of the wolves anymore. I just wish someone would tell her that Derek only bit her mom to stop her from killing Scott. The Scott whom Allison loves so dearly and has been trying to protect him from her family since they found out he was a werewolf. Allison gets a text from Matt via Scott’s phone asking her to bring the bestiary to the police station. Knowing Derek will be there, she sets off with Gerard and her dad.

Matt KanimaScott’s mom also gets taken hostage when she shows up by Scott’s pre-hostage situation request to come to the station to give a statement. This is a small, but very important part of the episode because Scott’s mom witnesses a fight between the kanima, Derek in alpha form, and Scott in his wolf form. Looks like Scott has a lot of explaining to do.

Then we get a huge plot twist. We find out that Scott’s been playing double agent and giving information to Gerard. He even joined Derek’s pack because Gerard asked him to. I’m dying a little, nay a lot inside because Derek hears every word of this. Now I doubt Scott’s intelligence so I think he’s been manipulated. It probably has to do with Allison, but for now we don’t know why Scott’s working with the Argents. Gerard tell Scott to go deal with his mom while he goes and deals with Matt and Jackson.

As if tonight’s episode couldn’t get any crazier (or more heartbreaking), Gerard murders Matt. By drowning him. I’m sobbing. Then the kanima shows up and crazier still, Gerard becomes the kanima’s new master. What’s going to happen now? We’ll have to wait until next week.


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  • Joe E Dangeroulsy August 1, 2012 at 12:07 am

    The reason Scott is working for Gerard is because Gerard threatened his mother. Remember when he stuck a knife in Scott after awkward Argent dinner scene #2? He threatened to kill Scott’s mother if Scott didn’t do what he asked him to do. You do watch this show, don’t you?

  • Kelly Bahoric August 1, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Oh gosh! You’re right. I remember Scott getting stabbed I just forgot Gerard had said that. My bad, bro.