The Secret #1
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Dark Horse Comics – February, 2007 – $2.99 – 32pg – Color
Writer: Mike Richardson – Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander – Cover Art: Jason Shawn Alexander

At a party one Saturday night, a group of friends are dialing random numbers, whispering “I know your secret” and waiting for the other person to react. They then tell these people to go to a park and meet them by the statue at midnight. An outsider to the group, a boy named Tommy, comes to the party at the request of one of the girls (Pam), whose cell phone they are using. They go to the statue at midnight, and to their surprise, someone does show up, but they hide and leave before he sees them.

The next week at school, Pam gets a call from the man who showed up in the park, asking “How do you know my secret?” and she becomes very frightened. The rest of her friends don’t think much of it, but they call him back anyway, though he does not answer. Later that night, her friends confront Tommy, telling him that he should stay away from Pam because he does not belong in their group, but they are interrupted by a call from Pam’s mother looking for Pam, because she has gone missing…

Not a bad start for a horror story. I don’t really like the “I know your secret” line, it makes me think of the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movie, but other than that it’s good. The art is very unique, dark and washed, fading at the edges. There aren’t too many good horror stories written lately (just zombies anymore it seems), so this is a welcome change.

Writing: 7.0 – Story: 8.0 – Art: 7.5 – Cover: 9.0
Overall: 7.875


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