Frequently Asked Questions
Registration is quick and easy. We only collect your contact information as well as a username and password so you can access our website. Once you are registered you will have access to our extensite comic book database, you will be able to create your own virtual collection and keep track of all of your comics. The contact information is used to contact you if you won a giveaway or something officially related to the site. We do not send out spam/junk emails. Please view our Privacy Policy further down for more information.
Yes, it is FREE to use our website and all of its features! Help support our site by donating and supporting our advertisers!
There are two ways you can login. 1) Click "My Stash" in the top menu which will take you to the login page, just type in the username/password you registered with and login. 2)Use the Login/Logout menu located in the top right corner of the screen, just click on the menu and it will expand revealing the login form. Enter your username/password and click login. To logout of the site, click Log Out in the top right corner.
There is the simple search and the more advance search. For the simple search just click Search in the top menu which will open up a small menu with fields for Title and Issue Number. Enter one or both and click search. If you want to use the advance search click the Advanced Search link after clicking Search in the top menu which will take you to the advanced search page. Here you have many options to search with.
First perform a search of our database, then click on the issue number in the search results. This will take you to a new page with the detailed information on that issue. You can also look at the detail info for each comic in your stash by Logging-In then open the category in which the comic is located and then click on the issue number, which will display the detailed information for that issue.
To add comics to your stash you must first Log-In, then click on "Search" at the top and search for your comic. When you found your comic put a check into the box next to the issue(s) or title(s) you wish to stash, then select a name for a category into which you wish the comics to be placed in, and click "Stash" at the bottom of the search results. All initial stashes will be stored in the "Unsorted" category, unless another category name is provided.
To delete a comic you must first Log-In, then click on one of your categories that contains the comic you wish to delete. Next, put a check in the box next to the issue(s) you wish to delete and press "Delete" at the bottom of the results.
Log-In to the site, then open the category which contains the comic you wish you edit and then click on the issue number of the comic.
Log-In to the site, then go into the category in which the comic is located, checkmark the issue(s) you wish to move to a new or already existing category, then either select an existing category from the drop down at the bottom of the page or type in a new category name and then click Update. The comics will then be moved to that category.
Either the comic has just been released and we have not yet finished updating the current new releases or this is an older comic which we have overlooked. In either case you can use our Information Submission to submit the info for that comic to have it added to the database and earn comic points (see further down for more information about comic points). Please use the comics indica when searching for your issue before submitting it to be added.
Pictures are either scanned in by us or submitted to us by our members, thus not all pictures are available right away. We are adding pictures on a daily basis.
Comic Points are points you earn for submitting new comic book information, updating comics already posted on the site and for submitting cover images. You can then use these points to enter our giveaways.
Sign-Up with us and then use the links on the main user page or the individual issue page to submit information & images. We will review each sumission and assign Comic Points to your account accordingly. What is each submission worth: Cover Image - 10 points New Comic Info - 7 points Partial Comic Info - 3 points Rate An Issue - 3 points Review An Issue - 1 point per character
When a new giveaway is available on our site you can use your points to enter the giveaway. Each giveaway will require 10 Comic Points to make 1 entry, you may acquire as many entries as your available Comic Points permit.
Log-In into the site and on the main user page you will see a summary of all comic points that you have earned. Clicking on the individual category will display what you have submitted in that category and how much you have earned for each submission.
We are constantly adding new features to the website and we will be posting information about these features here in due time. In the meantime you can visit our forums and find out what new features have been released & how they work, as well as what new features we are working on.
We provide a free service to comic book collectors, which gives them the ability to track their comic book collection online. Our free database contains information about comic books from all publishers as well as information about each individual comic book. We also provide when possible the current market value of each comic as well as an image of each issue.
We will not distribute any information that is provided to us during the enrollment and thereafter. We will not distribute, sell, or rent this information to any 3rd party. The website server does collect standard visitor info, which we use to review our site traffic, search engines and other statistics, but again we do not distribute, sell or rent this information to any 3rd party. We use two types of cookies to improve your experience. Session Cookies, are used by the website to help you in your activities. Any information that is stored in Session Cookies are destroyed once the browser is closed or you have been inactive for a period of time. Regular Cookies are used by our Login - Remember Me script to automatically log you in, but only if you select the Remember Me Option, we also use Cookies in our Forums for the same reason to keep you Logged in.