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Right now if I add AnyComic #129A to my want list and I end up buying #129A, the items removed from the want list. However if I buy #129B it is not. Sometimes #129B is a specific variant I want (say like a 1:10) but other times its simply the newsstand version of the book.

The problem is if I just want any copy of the book regardless of variant and I get it, if its any variation besides the one I put into the list it stays on the list and next time I check the list I still think I don't have a copy of it.

It would be fantastic if there was an option to check when adding to the want list of "any variation" that if ever a copy is added to a stash, it removes it regardless of the variant indicator (A,B,C etc.) That way books I care about having a specific version of I can still list, but don't have to spend extra time cleaning out my want list of books I ended up buying a different variation of.

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