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Not sure if this might not be a "just don't do that" kind of issue, but it seems strange without a warning.

If i have a book series that appears two publishers, Dark Horse and Comico for example (some of the Grendel Graphic novels are this way), and I select the Dark Horse series from the title list and delete it, not only does it delete the Dark Horse copy/copies but it deletes all the comico versions too.

After using the database for a while and understanding how it reports those issues it makes sense and I won't have any problem using it correctly now that I realize that, but it does seem strange and unexpected.    
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the results get broken out to 2 lines automatically due to the different publisher, but the delete function only looks at the title, so technically this is by
design, but i can see how this can be confusing.

ill sticky this as a possible enhancement. will review it more when things with the update come down.

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