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Right now, you can see gallery results for any stash you directly go to, even across multiple titles. However, if you use "search my stash" you only get the option of the gallery report for individual title; the same with standard or advanced search options. If multiple titles are returned by a search you have to go to each one in order to see the gallery. There are several situations though when you might want to see the gallery for multiple issues returned by a search.

For example, you may remember you have a comic about the Avengers that you want to recommend to a friend but you only remember what it looks like Presently you can search your stash but you can't show a gallery of just what you own of the Avengers. (this can happen even more with all the relaunches of titles when you can't even remember which series it was.)

Or, an artist is going to be at a con and you want to get a cool book for her to sign. You use the advanced search feature to get a list of books she illustrated only to realize you have to go into each title one at a time to see the 2 or 3 covers she drew for each of 100 titles (happened to me.) Much nicer if all of her covers could be seen in one gallery.

The same if you're looking for a specific book in your collection but only remember the artist or writer and not what title/series it was. You might want to look at all of his books that you own in order to see if one looks to be the right one.

It also might be nice for reports, though a little less likely to be used.

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