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Perhaps a week ago, Terry Moore posted a Twitter bemoaning the low sales of his new series Rachel Rising, which is a shame, because I've struggled to buy all the back issues right after I read #10. I'd simply looked at it in the LCS and thought, "Eh, the characters look just like Stranger in Paradise." Big mistake.

I've had to pay to play catch up.

If you haven't read Rachel Rising, here's what you're missing. Two sexy girls who rise from the dead and try to solve the mystery of why; one devil who jumps from body to body and seems keen on stimulating a malicious little girl into discovering her evil side (she does so in brutal style); a man who has embalmed his wife because he's looking for a way to bring her back (enter Rachel); a threesome of witches that are downright deadly headed by Lilith the worst bitch of them all. . . . I could go on, but I won't.

While Rachel Rising # 1 sells for a small fortune on Ebay (which Terry Moore gets none of), his monthly sales have been disappointing.

December Sales have him ranked at about #233 out of about 400 titles, selling about 8000 copies. To put this in perspective, Marvel announced it would be ending Fearless Defenders because of poor sales, which is for December a little over 16,000.

With a promised TV show looming somewhere in the horizon, this is a series I'd like to see continue and not just because Mister Moore is a fellow Texan.

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Not that the book is not worth saving, but 8K copies is actually pretty damn good for an indy book. Most indy books dwell in the 5-1oK copy zone
unless it is a smash hit like Walking Dead or Saga. Big 2 books have to sell more to make a profit because of higher overhead costs. Corporations
have bigger infrastructures to support, editorial and production staffs, sales staffs, marketing, janitorial, etc. all of which cost money and mean a book
has to sell more to be profitable for a corporation. Creator owned books from smaller publishers have a greater % of the revenue going to the
creators per se than a book by Marvel or DC. So comparing a Marvel cancellation level of sales to what an indy book is selling is comparing apples to
oranges in a way.

To try to compare apples to apples, and looking at the December sales numbers, Rachel Rising at 233 sold 7,795 copies. Other indy books in the
neighborhood...Ghosted from Image at 237 sold 7,590 copies, was originally announced as a mini but was extended to an ongoing because it did so
well sales wise, yet sold less copies than Rachel Rising. Dynamite's Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #1 came in at 292 with 5,363, and because it is a
licensed book has to pay part of its revenue for that license, so makes significantly less than Rachel Rising, but is still put out by Dynamite.

Rachel Rising is a solid book, and may not be selling what Terry Moore wants it to, or what Strangers in Paradise did in its heyday, but the market is
different now and it is doing about as well as one can expect for an indy book in this market. Walking Dead sells huge numbers but has a TV show
behind it. Saga sells around 50K but is getting national recognition outside the comic market by winning things like Hugo awards. Rachel Rising
doesn't have the kind of cache to find markets outside the regular indy book market, so its sales are not going to jump significantly even with this
save the book campaign. Not unless Terry Moore finds a way to get it into other markets than direct sales comic shops, because it is doing about as
well as can be expected in that venue.

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