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There may be a way to do this already but I haven't figured it out if so.

Currently collectors can divide their stash into different custom categories. Like many I use this to reference which box/location certain comics are in.

However, Stashmycomics has grown and now I can also stash statues, prints, trading cards, action figures, etc. However, I see no way to separate the comic collection from everything else, and vice verse, in many key areas.

For example:

*If I just want to know my comic collection value, I see no way to get that sum; instead the stash statistics covers everything. (These statistics will be off as well as I don't usually track spending on figures but I do keep complete records on my comics.)

*If I want to export a list of all my comics I have to generate the report as an XML then delete all records related to a non-comic locations.

*Also,stashes can be difficult to manage...I already have 9k comics occupying 37 different "locations" (Aba - aqua, Bat - Bel, Sorting, Loaned Out, etc) so adding a bunch of other locations that will inter-mingle with these on the My stash page is not something I'm really keen on)

Ideally there's be some way to group the items that are similar and have them track their own stats. The first part might not be that hard; while having a nested directory tree or something similar may be too much to ask, simply allowing the user to color code their different types of locations might be sufficient. That way all comics-designated locations are hi-lighted one color, all prints another, all figures a third, so on and so on.

Getting the stash stats to work with that is probably a tougher request. Ideally something like multiple stash statistics can be added in the future but even the ability to "turn off" non-comic items (either individually or by stash) and keep them from being calculated in the stash would be immensely helpful.

Thanks and great job on the update, I'm really liking it.

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some valid points here, i have to think about some of this before replying with any detail, but just wanted to let you know that the Stash Stats only calculates comics, it excludes all other collectibles.

Igor Nikitenko

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