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I'm totally stealing this first idea from

On their website they have the more commonly searched series titles hi-lighted. For example if you search for spider-man, Amazing spider-man, Ultimate spider-man, Web of spider-man, etc all have a yellow background; all the one shots, limited series, etc do not. This aids in visually located the series your most likely searching for amid a slew of results. I'm finding the feature there very helpful and think it would benefit this site as well.

Another idea (my own this time) is an icon such as a star next to any series you have items stashed in. This way if I'm searching for something I own or adding a book to a series I've been collecting, I can instantly tell which one I need to open without doing the mental gymnastics of "volume 1 is golden age, vol 2 is the limited series, vol 3 is only lasted 4 issues, volume 4 changed the name slightly, etc, etc.)

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