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Once I've stashed my comics on the site I organize them in my longboxes, and it would be nice
to have a feature that does the following:

-show an image gallery of recently stashed comics, displaying the the most recent stashed first
(not sure if timestamp is currently recorded when issues are stashed)
-a 'before' and 'after' column showing which comics you've stashed that would be sitting in
front of and behind the comic you're adding to your longbox, possibly like so:

This would be very helpful when trying to organize one-shots and comics where the issue
numbers aren't very visible. It will be increasingly helpful as the current trend is to constantly
reset the issue numbering and create a new volume.

The other important thing is we'll have to come up with a logo/mascot to represent Steve the
Stasher, perhaps like Clippy with a must'ash'e? If noone knows who Clippy is I can gladly
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Oops noticed this topic is almost 2 years old.

Nice idea. I don't know if everyone would like or use it so if it could be a sorting option then yeah. Actually it sounds like having
an alternate sort function, or custom sort would be the way to go.

Re: Clippy. In this case "Clippy" would have to look like a comic book.

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