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Ok haven't bought or read comics in few years.
Never really got into then until got into arrow tv
show. I now watch all comic book shows and
just recently started watching walking dead. 3
weeks watched every episode. Now I like return
to comics. What is good to read without being
lost. I only plan spend 20 or 30 month as got 3
small kids. Walking dead 1 comic plan read as I
read some of them online and interested. Maybe
green arrow and flash not sure. Maybe Star wars
or even xo manowar when it restarts liked it
before. Also batman fan so might try it again.
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Hey brown040613 ~

I'm on a budget myself so I understand making your pull list count each month. I also understand how daunting it is to get back into comics. It sounds like you want to go with some more sophisticated types of comics. Jonathan Hickman (he's done
more than Walking Dead), Ed Brubaker, Rick Remender, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Jason Aaron, and Brian Vaughan are all writers I'd steer you toward. They write across different genres so I'll let you discover them on your own. I have heard that
Detective Comics and Flash are good. As far as Marvel, you should check out Moon Knight, Old Man Logan, The Vision, and Dr. Strange. These are not the typical formulaic superhero comics. Other than that, I can't say
much for the superhero scene as I'm evolving out of it. That said, I am currently reading a few though: Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy, All-Star Batman, Batman: DKIII. Here is the rest of my up-to-date reading list that may or
may not reflect what I've recommended so far: Afterlife with Archie, Black Eyed Kids, Black Science, Deadly Class, East of West, Hadrian's Wall, Outcast, Paper Girls, Saga, Southern Cross, and Wicked & Divine. There are a few more but I realize my
suggestions might be getting out of hand. I'm very heavy on Image Comics right now because that's where it's at (other than DC's Rebirth, again, as I've been told). I have been a long time X-Men fan but I'm nearly a Marvel defector now (I still love trying
to track down 1995 comics and earlier to replace my former collection). Anyway, there is no way I can possibly afford all the aforementioned titles and for that reason I rely on some friends of mine from my local comics shop to let me borrow their trade
editions. I also check out many from my library system (e-books and hard copies alike).

I hope this helps a little. Feel free to ask me questions (private message or in the forum). I'll try my best to answer what I can. Happy reading!

Bruce (grfanboy)

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I sent ya a private msg