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My Public Stash

Hey everyone! I'm enjoying the heck out of finally cataloging all of my comics. Makes me wish I had placed all of them in backed-bags from the start.

I was wondering--I'm planning on selling my entire stash, EXCEPT all my Silver Surfer--can I put a stash together of all the non-surfer comics, and then a separate stash with my SS comics? Or have my SS comics in the stash, but labeled something different?

Thanks everyone!

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My Public Stash

Are you looking for something different than the Categories option? You can only have one "stash", but you can put different items in Categories, which would work for what you want to do, I would think.

Rather than use the Wantlist feature, I have a Category of "Owned" and "Wanted", and I just move books off the Wanted list when I buy it. Can't remember why I did it this way - maybe you can't import/export data with the Wantlist?

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