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TLDR: Should promo copies of books be added as some kind of variant?

I'm a librarian. I end up with a number of ARCs every time I go to a conference. If you're not familiar with the term, these are promotional copies of books that publishers give to reviewers, librarians, etc. to try and sway them to buy the finished product once it's available for purchase. They're also called Galleys or Proofs.

More and more comics publishers are issuing ARCs of their upcoming books. I got a few at a conference this weekend including Sean Murphy's Batman: White Knight. This is the end of June 2018 and the "real" book doesn't come out until October.

My question is: Are there enough people on here besides me that have these in their collections? There's often no monetary value you can place on them as there isn't much of a market outside of someone getting a new Rowling or Gaiman or somesuch author months ahead of publication and putting it on ebay. I just want an accurate inventory of my collection - again, I'm a librarian. :-)

The best way I can think of accounting for them is treating them as a GN or TPB/HC variant (TPA/TPB, etc.). I'm guessing adding ARC as an issue number wouldn't work.


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