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Cmdr Nudnik
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Forgive me if this is a) the wrong forum or b) the request has already been made:

I'd like to see a feature to automatically generate a new printing of an existing issue.
For example, you can select a specific issue, e.g. Lone Wolf and Cub (First Publishing) #1, and if a 3rd Printing doesn't exist in the database (which it appears it doesn't), you can select a printing from a drop-list and click a button to generate it
with all of the previous values (so you can add it to your stash, which I have). Issue number could automatically increment (if last number was 1B, "1C" would be suggested), and you should also have the opportunity to review the values to
ensure they're all the same (e.g. cover price increases, cover art changes a la Killing Joke, etc.).
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That would be cool!
Usually for requests like this (someone) will tell you to post it the Wish
List forum.

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