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I'm confusing myself ; I wish they'd put out a few examples .
Having no idea to reliably grade what I'm submitting - how do you determine a fair value?

After cracking open the boxes in the basement after quite a while and taking sort of what's down here, I figure I should see what shape the probable most valuable ones are in.

I have a copy of Hulk 181 and I can see small imperfections but have no idea where it would grade - maybe anywhere in a 7-9 range
I could look at a few sites like Ebay completed sales, CPG for prices in those ranges.
So if I guess a value and see what CGC tier it applies to?

If you submit several at once in multiple tiers, do you just submit 1 check with an explanation of which comics correspond to which tiers?
If the grades come back lower such that you'd qualify for a lower tier, do they reimburse you?
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Hi Csa,

Great Comics Grading Websites:

I've never submitted to cgc so I can't help you on that process but I'm surprised you have to specify the tier? I would have thought you submit and they tell you what grade and there's a set fee or something like that?


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thanks for the links!

from the CGC website on fees:

Type       ------  Max value ----- Turnround ------  Price   per book

Walkthru ---     Unlimited   -------  Same Day    ------  3% FMV ($150 Min, $5,000 Max)

   Express ---   $3,000 ------- 5 Business Days   ------ $100

   Standard   -- $1,000 ------- 19 Business Days ------- $65

   Economy   -- $400 --------- 53 Business Days ------- $38   / Fast Track $48
                                               Fast Track: 18 Business Days

   Value -----   $200  -------- 66 Business Days --------     $27 / Fast Track $37
                                             Fast Track: 24 Business Days

Modern   (1975-Date)   --- $200 -----  25 Business Days      $20 / Fast Track $30
                                                             Fast Track: 8 Business Days

Pre-Screen   --------  N/A  ------- 35 Business Days /   $5 or grading fee (if accepted)
(25 book minimum)

Not sure how Pre Screen works. Its all a bit confusing. Hulk 181, for ex, seems to go as high as $30k for mint (CPG). I know mine isn't mint but even so could be anywhere in $2-5K range .   But in case I dont know what I'm talking about (for condition) maybe I should go assumed max value of $1k as it seems they dont give refunds when you pay assuming a higher tier. I imagine I could put my 'top 25' depending on what Pre Screen fees mean.

Again, thanks for the links

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