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My Public Stash

Last week when I first started to input my comics into a stash I just took
out my digital camera and started shooting photos of issues that needed
covers. Wasn't pretty, but it worked well enough.

Today I dug out my scanner to see if it still functioned, and it took some
fiddling, but it is up and running. I scanned a cover, but I think it was too
large to upload. I got this error message:

Persits.Upload.1 error '800a0041'
Failed to reallocate memory for a memory file.
/html/user-submitimages2NEW.asp, line 11

I sized it by 50% and it uploaded fine. A lot clearer than the digital
camera shot I had before. Is there a maximum file size allowed to upload
for covers? Is it a resolution or number of megabytes?
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1meg (the window where you submit the image has the size
info in it) but that can still cause it not to go through.

after you scan the image, resize it to 72dpi and no more
than 750px in height.

Igor Nikitenko
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