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jonervin26 wrote
In 30 year of collecting comics I've never really found a better way to close and seal my comic bags than just using two small pieces of tape. Some people
like to fold the flap into the bag itself but I've always found that to be more trouble than it is worth and a lot of the time it just doesn't stay put anyway.
As for stacking long boxes there are several supply companies (BCW immediately comes to mind) that make pull out cardboard "file cabinet" boxes for comic long box storage.
Easily stackable (You slide the long box into them without the top on it.) and you can just pull the box out to sort or access your comics without ever having to pick up a box and
move it from on top.

i agree with jonervin26 thanks...
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John Keyt wrote
Hey Chip those are pretty neat for storage, totally space age looking . Be a wise investment when storing long term . I been thinking
about changing over to my lite bags , suppose to last ten years . sizegenetics Some of my regular bags are starting to wrinkle after a few years .
They also don't seem as clear as a my lite bag . Started to use them on display issues . Also I have gone away from taping flaps
cause after a few years comics bags seem to stick together from the glue . I just fold the flap into itself behind the board . Is this
a good idea or should they taped to seal better ?
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I'm not an immense enthusiast of the resealable sacks. Basically on the grounds that they generally appear to stall out to my funnies when I'm taking a comic out and
particularly when placing them in. With tape I can simply take the old tape off the pack before I haul the comic out and afterward returned new tape on after the comic is
clinched. Numerous individuals appear to like the resealable sacks. I'm not saying my direction is better, I'm simply giving my supposition.
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I am never again a titanic aficionado of the resealable sacks. Usually since they most ordinarily appear at slow down out to my funnies after I am taking a comic out or more all
while embeddings them in. With tape i'll adequately take the recorded tape off the sack earlier than I pull the comic out and after that set new tape again on after the
entertainer is arranged. Various givers appear at affection the resealable sacks. I'm never again saying my course is better, i'm easily giving my inclination.
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I use these plastic sheets that u don't have
to tape the top the comics are accessible
and they stay in great condition
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I think it is Magic. It can be no longer corrosive free. I exploit Mylites2 as the sacks, with their half-backs as help sheets. Two bits of tape close the edge of the fold. The tape is
almost always amazing, with most surfaces in the event that it sticks, it's going to with no trouble strip off

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