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I just noticed that the Ant-Man mini-series from 2002-2003 was added to the site, but I thought that never actually got published? I found the solicits still on marvel's site under "titles penciled by Clayton Crain" (whose art is in-freaking-credible, by the way), but I never thought it saw print. Anyone have any idea what the truth is?

Also, I heard that there probably will be an Ant-Man mini coming out this Spring, which should be pretty cool.


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It was cancelled by Marvel.
Ill remove it from the database.

on the offnote...while i was researching this i came across daniel way's interview just before ant-man got cancelled. very "interesting" read.

Daniel Way's written an eclectic mix of projects recently for Marvel. Before its cancellation his Gun Theory was the only creator-owned title at Epic. He's worked on a few Tsunami series and is still writing Venom. Now the first issue of his Mature Readers/MAX Marvel Ant Man series is on the stands. Way told us a little about Ant Man, Venom, and his ... inspirations. He's a man of few words, but he does knows a lot of profanity.
THE PULSE: You've got a lot of different projects coming out from Marvel. How tough is it to write for various audiences and be working on a variety of comics instead of just one genre and style?

DANIEL WAY: I write everything the same way--it just gets edited differently from project to project.

THE PULSE: What do you find the most challenging about having the variety?

WAY: The most challenging part is sitting down to write when all I really want to do is get ****ed-up and get laid.

THE PULSE: What's going on with Gun Theory?

WAY: Jon and I still own Gun Theory in its entirety, so you'll be seeing it some day. We love the book and we're here to do what we love.

THE PULSE: What inspired your upcoming Ant Man Marvel Max series?

WAY: Axel asked me to write an Ant-Man Marvel Max series.

THE PULSE: Hank Pym in the Ultimates universe seems a little "Max" but the mainstream universe Hank Pym has never seemed that cutting edge or mature - at least before the Avengers 71 issue - so why was this Ant Man (as opposed to Scott Lange ) chosen for the Max series?

WAY: I don't know (just like I don't know about this "Avengers 71" thing). Marvel sent me this big book of old Ant-Man stories and said "go". I flipped through it--sometimes he got really small, sometimes he got really big...I didn't know what the **** was going on. So I just read the first 6 or 8 pages of the first story, got it and went off.

THE PULSE: What do you view as Hank's greatest assets?

WAY: Well...he can make himself really small. That's what we call his "power".

THE PULSE: What do you view as his greatest weaknesses?

WAY: Insecurity. Egomania. Totally *** outfit.

THE PULSE: What are your goals with this series?

WAY: Midget prostitute in a plush kangaroo costume.

THE PULSE: What are some of the elements that will make this comic have to be for Mature readers?

WAY: The butt-****ing, mostly.

THE PULSE: Someone at Marvel commented "Ant Man could hang out in supermodels underwear drawers" or something along those lines. What if any plans do you have for Hank to do some pranks and silly things with his powers?

WAY: That was John Miesegaes...that guy's a goddamn idiot. You don't want the panties in the underwear drawer that are all clean and ****--you want the ones in the laundry hamper got the stank on 'em.

THE PULSE: When does this story take place? In the present? Past? What's Hank Pym's mindset like at the start of the story?

WAY: Time doesn't matter: THIS IS A COMIC BOOK. As for his mindset: He's pissed off and tired of being marginalized. Same as in the first 6 or 8 pages of the very first Ant-Man story.

THE PULSE: How does he get tapped to help capture espionage agents?

WAY: He gets asked by a compromised FBI agent who says that his country is in terrible danger and he's the only one who can help. Guy like Pym can't resist a line like that--makes him feel special. Like: "Yeah, they could've asked Iron Man...but they asked ME, instead."

THE PULSE: After everything Hank's been through, why does he still have so many self-esteem issues?

WAY: He's ANT-MAN--It's not like being called SPIDER-MAN. I mean, how many bad-ass bikers you ever seen with tattoos of ANTS on their arms?

THE PULSE: Pym's pretty smart, so how does he become a pawn in the larger scheme of things?

WAY: He's more than "pretty smart"...he's a ****in' GENIUS. So...I once heard that Einstein had to tie a ribbon to his doorknob so he could remember which house was his.

THE PULSE: Which would you rather be: Ant Man or Giant Man or Yellowjacket? Why?

WAY: Who the **** are Giant Man and Yellowjacket? Doesn't matter: None of the above.

THE PULSE: What - if any - research did you have to do to write this story?

WAY: I told you about the big book, right?

THE PULSE: What's coming up in Venom?

WAY: The next storyline is called "Patterns" and goes back in time to show how Venom ended up in the Arctic and why.

THE PULSE: Wolverine is in the Run storyline, what other Marvel U characters might guest star in the upcoming year?

WAY: Fantastic Four, Nick Fury, Spider-Man.

THE PULSE: How - if at all - has the way you view Venom changed since you began working on this?

WAY: Hasn't changed.

THE PULSE: What other projects are you working on?

WAY: I'm working on this movie called "Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack". It's gonna be ****in' RETARDED.

Kinda makes you think if he knew that the series got canncelled before he gave this interview.

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