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DC Comics Showcase Presents: Green Lantern TP Vol 1 September, 2005 Earth's First Green Lantern!; Green Lantern's Brother Act!; Green Lantern's Statue Goes to War!; Menace of the Giant Puppet!; Menace of the Runaway Missile!; My Brother, Green Lantern!; Peril of the Yellow World!; Prisoner of the Power Ring!; Riddle of the Frozen Ghost Town!; Secret of Green Lantern's Mask!; Secret of the Flaming Spear!; SOS Green Lantern!; Summons From Space!; The Amazing Theft of the Power Lamp!; The Battle of the Power Rings!; The Challenge From 5700 A.D.!; The Creature That Couldn't Die!; The Day 100,000 People Vanished!; The Diabolical Missile From Qward!; The Duel of the Super-Heroes!; The Invisible Destroyer!; The Leap Year Menace!; The Man Who Conquered Sound!; The Origin of Green Lantern's Oath!; The Planet of Doomed Men!; The Power Ring That Vanished!; The Secret Life of Star Sapphire!; The Secret of the Black Museum!; The Secret of the Golden Thunderbolts!; The Spy-Eye That Doomed Green Lantern!; The Strange Trial of Green Lantern!; The Trail of the Missing Power Ring!; The World of Living Phantoms!; Wings of Destiny!; Zero Hour in Dark City!; Zero Hour in the Silent City! L