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DC Comics Starman Omnibus HC Vol 1 May, 2008 13 Years Ago: Five Friends; 13 Years Ago: Five Friends: A Tale of Times Past; A (K)Night At the Circus, Part II; A Day in the Opal; A Knight At The Circus; Back Stage, Back Then; Falling Star-Rising Son; Mercy; Oil (Paint) and Water; Shards; Sins of the Child, Part 2: Ted's Day; Sins of The Child, Part 3; Sins of the Child, Part 4; Sins of the Father, Part 4: Night F(l)ight; Talking With David '95; The Day Before the Day To Come L
DC Comics Starman Omnibus HC Vol 2 February, 2009 Demon Quest; Green Arrow & Thorn, Dr. Fate & The Shade, New Gods; Guardian & Firebrand, Dr. Fate & The Shade, The Demon; Rust Never Sleeps; Sand and Stars, Part 1; Sand and Stars, Part 2; Sand and Stars, Part 3; Sand and Stars, Part 4; Talking With David '96; Cages and Shadows; Day & Night, Dark & Bright - Part 2; Fathers and other Strangers L
DC Comics Starman Omnibus HC Vol 3 June, 2009 L
DC Comics Starman Omnibus HC Vol 4 February, 2010 Good Girls and Bad; Gotham Gray Evil; Jungle Green Horror; Lightning And Stars, Part 3: Bite the Bullet; Lightning And Stars, Part 4: Close Encounters; Science and Sorcery L