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Publisher Title Issue # Published Issue Info Img
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 154 July, 1968 ...To Wake the Mangog! L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 165 June, 1969 Him! L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 277A November, 1978 Time of the Trolls! L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 278A December, 1978 At Long Last-- Ragnarok?! L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 302B December, 1980 The Shape of Things to Kill!; Direct Edition L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 305B March, 1981 Hark, the Herald Angel Lives!; Tales of Asgard: The Sorceress and the Sacrifice!; Direct Edition L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 306B April, 1981 Fury of the Firelord!; Tales of Asgard: ...Till Death Do Us Part!; Direct Edition L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) 358A August, 1985 When Dalliance Was in Flower, or: Take the Cash and Let the Credit Go; Newsstand Edition L
Marvel Comics Thor (1966-1996) Annual 3 January, 1971 A World Gone Mad!; Tales of Asgard: Balder Must Die!; Tales of Asgard: Trapped By the Trolls!; Tales of Asgard: Banished From Asgard!; Tales of Asgard: The Defeat of Odin!; The Stronger I Am, the Sooner I Die!; At the Mercy of Loki, Prince of Evil!; Every Hand Against Him!; Tales of Asgard: The Boyhood of Loki!; Tales of Asgard: The Golden Apples!; When Magneto Strikes!; When the Grey Gargoyle Strikes! L