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Marvel Comics What If? (1977-1984) 1 February, 1977 What If Spider-Man Had Joined the Fantastic Four? L
Marvel Comics What If? (1977-1984) 4 August, 1977 What If the Invaders Had Stayed Together After World War Two?; In Continuity L
Marvel Comics What If? (1977-1984) 15A July, 1979 What If... Someone Else Had Become Nova?; Newsstand Edition L
Marvel Comics What If? (1977-1984) 35B October, 1982 ...What If Bullseye Had Not Killed Elektra?; Untold Tales of the Marvel Universe: And Thus Are Born the Cat People!; What If Yellowjacket Had Died?; Direct Edition L
Marvel Comics What If? (1977-1984) 36B December, 1982 What If the Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Powers?; What If Nova Had Not Given Up His Powers?; Direct Edition L