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Publisher Title Issue # Published Issue Info Img
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 1A August, 1988 Account's Overdrawn - Checks Returned for Lack of Funds; The Bower Brats Meet Clunk and Daggnabbit; When Titans Bunch!; Secret Wars III; Direct Edition L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 3 October, 1988 Novermore; One Day In The Comics Shop; Homecoming Around Again; Bat-Man; Fed Up!; Mutant Beach Party! L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 5 July, 1989 L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 7 April, 1990 L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 9A October, 1990 Gone Fishin'; Panther's Pest; Hotel Galacticus; Second Guesses! L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 10 January, 1991 I'll Be Doom For Christmas; To Save You, Why Must I Floss?; Chap's New Partner!; Ayehearya L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 11 March, 1991 Okay, So It's Not Such A Wonderful Life!; This Man, This Meal!; Hazards Of Being A Super-Hero L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 12 May, 1991 Moanin' The Bavarian; Cronan The Beerbarian; Furbush Man In The Ravaged Land; Married With Superpowers L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 15 November, 1991 The Strange Young Fighting Frogs; Land Shark; So Hoe Goes The War?; You Know You've Been Reading Too Many Comics L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 17 March, 1992 Teaming Up For The Money!; The Storyteller; The Fantastical Four World Tour 1992; Where Ogles The Sleepgawker? L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 18 May, 1992 What If Charlie America Landed On Finnigan's Island?; Hoagy's Space Ark; Doc Simson... Psychiatrist To The Super-Heroes!; Down On The Marble Farm; Star Trash L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 20 August, 1992 The Infinity Wart Saga, Part 1; Lo' There Shal COme A Forbush!; Pork For Dinner, Milk And Cookies For Dessert!; Leadress Of The Pack L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 21 September, 1992 Weapon X Lies And Videotape; Who Was That Skrull I Saw You With Last Night?; Be My Valentine... Or Else!!; Driving Medoozy L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 22 October, 1992 Nine Lives Hath the Cataclysm; Guidance Counselor; What Goes Up Must Come Down; Hazards of Being a Super Villain; Salem's Pot L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 23 November, 1992 L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 24 December, 1992 The Infinity Mitten!; The Green Gobbler Returns; Who Knows What Creature Sleeps In The Bed?; House Of Whacks; Bulk Vs. Thang L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 25 July, 1993 The X-Men Classic; Mutant Mishaps; Milk Run; Mutant Mishaps; Ecchs-Force; Slver Age Silliness; When Super Heroes Have a Bad Day; Mutant Mishaps; Bratman and Bunny; Guardians of the Crosswalk; Mutant Mishaps; Silver Age Sillines; A Salute to the Silver Age; Mutant Mishaps; The Eccentrics, Part 2; Top Ten TV Episodes... That Don't Feature Mutants; Great X-Men in History L
Marvel Comics What The--? (1988-1993) 26 Winter, 1993 Spider-Ham 2099; The Origin Of The Silver Burper; RoboCob - Part Corn, Part Machine, All Sugar Free!; Beware The Hicks-Men!; What Would Happen If The Unhumans Tried To Meet The Fantastical Four For Their Arrival On The Moon?; It's Our Third Story, So We Have To Face.. Galactus!; An Abhorrent Affair; What If The Fantastic Four Stayed In The Movie Biz?; When Sue Was Bored; The Save Me, Why Must I Kill Me?; Dumsday: The Death Of Forbushman; 2099: A Marvel Update L