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Publisher Title Issue # Published Issue Info Img
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 0 November, 1993 Drink The Blood Straight; Not Polybagged; Originally Polybagged w/ Various Topps Titles L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 1 January, 1994 Prequel in a Hostile Landscape L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 3A March, 1994 Men Aren't the Only Ones With Dual Identities L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 4 April, 1994 The Man Who Wasn't Felix Quintero L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 5 May, 1994 The Bones Travel to the Ocean L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 7 July, 1994 Let's Kill the Corpse L
Topps Zorro (1993-1994) 10 October, 1994 L