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Marvel Comics Marvel Masterworks (1987-2002) HC Vol 3A November, 1987 X-Men Volume 1; Beware of the Blob!; Enter, the Avengers!; No One Can Stop the Vanisher!; Sub-Mariner! Joins the Evil Mutants; The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!; The Coming of Ka-Zar; The Return of the Blob; The X-Men; Trapped: One X-Man!; Unus, the Untouchable! L
Marvel Comics Marvel Masterworks (1987-2002) HC Vol 4A September, 1988 Avengers Volume 1; Captain America Joins... The Avengers!; Kang, the Conqueror!; Sub-Mariner!; The Avengers Break Up!; The Coming of the Avengers!; The Coming of the... Wonder Man!; The Invasion of the Lava Men!; The Masters of Evil!; The Space Phantom; Their Darkest Hour! L