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Marvel Comics X-Men Forever (2009-2010) TP Vol 1 December, 2009 Picking Up Where We Left Off; Love-- And Loss!, Part 1; Love-- And Loss!, Part 2: Comes the Father!; Love-- And Loss!, Part 3: The Cruellest Cut; Love-- And Loss!, Part 4: Strike-Back!; Love-- And Loss!, Part 5: Bury My Heart! L
Marvel Comics X-Men Forever (2009-2010) TP Vol 2 May, 2010 The Secret History of the Sentinels; Fire on the Mountains!; Home, Come the Heroes!; Past is Prologue; Play Day!; Sentinels - Reborn! L
Marvel Comics X-Men Forever (2009-2010) TP Vol 3 July, 2010 Come to Mother... RUSSIA!; Black Magik, Part 1: Snap Trap!; Black Magik, Part 2: Race the Wind!; Black Magik, Part 3; Black Magik, Part 4: Darkest at Dawn!; The Rising Storm! L