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Marvel Knights Punisher By Garth Ennis Omnibus (2008) HCA November, 2008 'Nuff Said; A Good Clean Fight; Aim Low; American Ugly; Any Which Way You Can; Badaboom, Badabing; Bring Out Your Dead; Brotherhood, Part 1; Brotherhood, Part 2; Brotherhood, Part 3; Confederacy of Dunces, Part 1; Confederacy of Dunces, Part 2; Confederacy of Dunces, Part 3; Confederacy of Dunces, Part 4; Confederacy of Dunces, Part 5; Dear Thor...; Desperate Measures; Dirty Work; Do Not Fall in New York City; Does Whatever a Spider Can; Downtown; Elektra; Even Worse Things; From Russia With Love; Glutton For Punishment; Go Frank Go; Hidden, Part 1; Hidden, Part 2; Hidden, Part 3; Killing La Vida Loca; No Limits; Of Mice and Men; Soap; Spinach; Spit Out of Luck; Squid; Streets of Laredo, Part 1; Streets of Laredo, Part 2; Streets of Laredo, Part 3; Streets of Laredo, Part 4; The Devil By the Horns; The Exclusive; Vertical Challenge; Welcome Back, Frank; Well Come on Everybody and Let's Get Together Tonight; Wild Kingdom L