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Marvel Comics Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man (2003-Present) HC Vol 1B July, 2003 Duel to the Death With the Vulture!; Face-to-Face With... The Lizard!; Man in the Mummy Case; Marked For Destruction By Doctor Doom!; Nothing Can Stop... The Sandman!; Spider-Man; Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!; Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus; Spider-Man vs. the Chameleon!; Spider-Man!; The Bell-Ringer; The Enforcers!; The Man Called Electro!; The Return of the Vulture; The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!; The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!; There Are Martians Among Us!; Marble Dust Jacket; Limited to 520 Copies; 2nd Edition; Also See: Marvel Masterworks (1987-2002) HC Vol 1 L