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Marvel Comics Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 1A June, 2012 Battle Royal; Big Time Super Hero!; Circles; Confessions; Confrontations; Discovery; Doctor Octopus; Father's Pride; Growing Pains; Hunted; Illegal; Kraven the Hunter; Life Lessons; Live; Meet the Enforcers; Piece of Work; Plasmids; Powerless; Public Scrutiny, Part 1: Sidetracked; Public Scrutiny, Part 2: Stolen Identity; Public Scrutiny, Part 3: Emergency; Public Scrutiny, Part 4: Black Van; Public Scrutiny, Part 5: Just a Guy; Reflections of...; Responsible; Secret Identity; Taking Advantage; The Cycle; The Worst Thing; Ultimatum; Venom, Part 1: Origins; Venom, Part 2: Inheritance; Venom, Part 3: Legacy; Venom, Part 4: Today; Venom, Part 5: Still; Venom, Part 6; Venom, Part 7: Man-to-Man; Wannabe; With Great Power; Working Stiff; Book Market Edition L