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Publisher Title Issue # Published Issue Info Img
Marvel Comics X-Men Classics (1983-1984) 1 December, 1983 The Sentinels Live; Mission Murder; Do or Die, Baby; Do or Die, Baby!; Mission: Murder!; The Female of the Species!; The Sentinels Live! L
Marvel Comics X-Men Classics (1983-1984) 2 January, 1984 Do or Die, Baby; In the Shadow of Sauron; Monsters Also Weep; Do or Die, Baby!; In the Shadow of... Sauron!; Monsters Also Weep! L
Marvel Comics X-Men Classics (1983-1984) 3 February, 1984 Monsters Also Weep; Strangers in a Savage Land; War in the World Below; Monsters Also Weep!; Strangers ...In a Savage Land!; War in the World Below! L