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Marvel Comics Essential Ghost Rider TP Vol 1 October, 2005 ...And Lose His Own Soul!; ...The Hordes of Hell!; A Specter Stalks the Soundstage!; A Woman Possessed!; And Vegas Writhes in Flame!; Angels From Hell!; Blood in the Waters; Death Stalks the Demolition Derby; Die, Die, My Daughter!; Ghost Rider; Phantom of the Killer Skies; Prelude to a Private Armageddon!; Resurrection; Satan Himself!; Season of the Witch-Woman!; Shake Hands With Satan!; The Coming of... Witch-Woman!; The Desolation Run!; The Hellbound Hero!; The Salvation Run!; The Snakes Crawl at Night..; The Son of Satan!; Two Against Death!; Vengeance on the Ventura Freeway!; Wheels on Fire; Where is Karen Page?; You've Got a Second Chance, Johnny Blaze!; Zodiac II L