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Marvel Comics Essential Iron Man (2000-Present) TP Vol 3A April, 2008 ...Among Men Stalks the Ramrod!; Anything -- For the Cause!; Behold... The Brotherhood!; Beware -- The Mechanoid!; Captives of the Controller!; Crisis -- And Calamity!!; Duel in a Dark Dimension!; Even Heroes Die!; From This Conflict... Death!; In This Hour of Earthdoom!; My Son... The Minotaur!; Of Beasts and Men!; Revenge!; Said the Unicorn to the Ghost---!; Save the People -- Save the Country!; The Beginning of the End!; The Coming of the Controller; The Controller Lives!; The Fury of the Firebrand!; The Man Who Killed Tony Stark!!; The Menace of the Monster-Master!!; The Night Phantom Walks!; The Replacement!; Their Mission: Destroy Stark Industries!!; This Doomed Land - This Dying Sea!; What Price Life?!; When Calls Jonah..!; Who Serves Lucifer? L