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Marvel Comics Essential Marvel Team-Up (2002-Present) TP Vol 1A April, 2002 ...As Those Who Will Not See!; A Hitch in Time!; A Passion of the Mind!; And Spidey Makes Four!; And Then--The X-Men!; Beware the Basilisk My Son!; Chaos at the Earth's Core!; Dinosaurs on Broadway!; Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!; If An Eye Offend Thee...; Mayhem is... The Men-Fish!; Moondog is Another Name For Murder!; The Coming of... Stegron, the Dinosaur Man!; The Doomsday Gambit!; The Granite Sky!; The Man-Killer Moves at Midnight!; The Messiah Machine!; The Night of the Frozen Inferno; The Power to Purge!; The Spider and the Sorcerer!; The Tomorrow War!; Time Bomb!; Where Bursts the Bomb!; Wolf at Bay! L