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DC Comics Harley Quinn (2000-2003) TP Vol 1 January, 2009 Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes; A Broken Heart in Two; Gods and Mobsters; Introducing the Quinntets; Larger Than Life; Welcome to the Party; Who Wants to Rob a Millionaire? L
DC Comics Harley Quinn (2000-2003) TP Vol 2 June, 2013 Night and Day; Be Cruel 2 Your School; Night and Day; Our Fighting Forces; Quintessence, Part 1: Shop 'Til Your Dropped; Quintessence, Part 2: Brilliant Mistakes; Quintessence, Part 3: The Girl is Bats L
DC Comics Harley Quinn (2000-2003) TP Vol 3 March, 2014 Welcome to Metropolis; #1 Am the Loneliest Number; Both Sides Now; Bright Lights, Big City, Part 1: Welcome to Metropolis; Going Out With a Bang; Hell and Highwater; I Ain't Got No Body--!; Men Are From Mars -- Women Are From Hell; Metropolis Mailbag; The Ballad of Harley Quinn; The Bride of Bizarro; Wouldn't Be Caught Dead There L
DC Comics Harley Quinn (2000-2003) TP Vol 4 September, 2014 Vengeance Unlimited; Behind Blue Eyes part 3; Behind Blue Eyes part 4; Behind Blue Eyes, Part 1; The Year of the Rat; Vengeance Unlimited part 2; Vengeance Unlimited part 5; Who Steals From a Thief? L