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Publisher Title # of Issues
Negative A Twelve Minute Revolution in Just Reading (2012) 1
Aegis Ascendant 1
SpazDog Press Break the Walls: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Pixies 1
Not Available Cabinet (2014) 1
Andy Moore Don't Panic! A College Comic Strip Anthology 1
Jim Lawson Dragonfly (2013) 1
Aegis Horsemen (2012) 1
Comix Sans Introducing Fort Hope, Washington: A Collection of Curiosities 1
Painfully Normal Productions Leaving Megalopolis (2013) 1
Robot Mountain Legend of Ricky Thunder 1
Alternative Comics Outliers (2012) 1
Soup Dad Comics Pawn Shop 1
Valhalla Comics Group Power Principle 1
Flying Fortress Studios Thumbson and Mort 1
Alex Wilson Studios Time of Reflection (2012) 1
ComiXpress We Ourselves (2012) 1