Deathlok: Rage Against the Machine
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TP February, 2015 Busted!; Disaster Bay; Primary Actions, Part 1: Random Access; Primary Actions, Part 2; Primary Actions, Part 3: The Weight; Primary Actions, Part 4: Follow Those Agonies; Rage Against the Machine, Part 1: Crossed Wires; Rage Against the Machine, Part 2: Technical Difficulties; Rage Against the Machine, Part 3: Metal Works; Reconstructive Perjury; Super-Deluxe; The Crawl, Part 1: From Small Things; The Crawl, Part 2: Thrill-Kill Confidential; The Crawl, Part 3: Love, Sweet Love; The Green Light; The Nemesis Contract, Part 1: Pressure Points; The Nemesis Contract, Part 2: Atlas Burned; The Nemesis Contract, Part 3: Captive Audience; The Nemesis Contract, Part 4: Strange AgenciesL