Marvel Tales (1964-1994)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
5 November, 1966 The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!; Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!; Prisoner of the 5th Dimension! / Trapped in Another World! / The End of Zemu!; Prisoner of the Reds!; The Day That Ant-Man Failed!; Tales of the Wasp: Somewhere Waits a Wobbow!; I Know the Secret of the Sea-Monster; I Was Trapped in the Mad Universe!; Jasper's Jalopy; No Place to Turn!; Showdown With the Human Top!; The Little People; The Man on the Endless Stairway; The Worst Man on Earth!; Cover by Steve DitkoL
7 March, 1967 The Enforcers!; The Return of the Wizard!; Tales of the Wasp: Not What They Seem!; The Thunder God and the Thug!; Barker's Body Shop; Man Alone!; The Black Knight Strikes!; The Supernatural!; When the Switch is Pulled; Cover by Steve DitkoL
8 May, 1967 The Menace of... Mysterio!; The Threat of the Torrid Twosome; Tales of the Wasp: When Wakes the Colossus!; Trapped By the Carbon-Copy Man!; I Am a Robot; Man on the Scaffold; The Midnight Caller; The Mystery of the Purple Planet; Trapped By the Porcupine!; Cover by Steve DitkoL
11B November, 1967 Duel With Daredevil; The Sorcerer and Pandora's Box; The Magician and the Maiden!; Thor and Loki Attack the Human Race!; Dinner Time on Deimos!; Duel With Daredevil; Earth is Off-Limits!; The Coming of... Colossus; The Gentle Old Man!; The Magician and the Maiden; Time Was...; Direct Edition; Cover by Steve DitkoL
13 March, 1968 The End of Spider-Man!; Marvel Boy and the Lost World; Enter: The Hulk; The Mysterious Mister Hyde!; Eyes of Death; Let's Learn About Hank and Jan...; Panic; Stroom's Strange Solution; Tales of Asgard: Surtur the Fire Demon!; The Case of the Cat; Cover by Steve DitkoL
19 March, 1969 Spider-Man Goes Mad!; The Thunder God Strikes Back!; In the Clutches of the Puppet Master!; Return to the Nightmare World!; Tales of Asgard: Balder the Brave; Cover by Steve DitkoL
20 May, 1969 Captured by J. Jonah Jameson!; When the Grey Gargoyle Strikes!; The Man Who Became the Torch!; Tales of Asgard: Balder Must Die!; The Possessed!; Cover by Steve DitkoL
21 July, 1969 At the Mercy of Loki, Prince of Evil!; The Mystery of the Man in the Crime-Master's Mask; The Torch Goes Wild!; Beyond the Purple Veil!; Tales of Asgard: Trapped By the Trolls!; Cover by Steve DitkoL
22 September, 1969 When Magneto Strikes!; Bring Back My Goblin to Me!; The Torch Meets the Iceman!; Tales of Asgard: Banished From Asgard!; The House of Shadows!; Cover by Steve DitkoL
46 October, 1973 Wings in the Night!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
122A December, 1980 Gwen Stacy is Alive ...And Well...?; The Origin of the Incomparable Inhumans!, Part 1: The Origin of... The Incomparable Inhumans!; --If the Thunder Be Gone!; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Gil KaneL
201 July, 1987 Unlucky Buck$ or... The Illegal Eagel, Part 1; Introducing, Captain Britain; Majority of issues from #201-263 contain an all-new back-up story; Cover by George PerezL
213B July, 1988 Death-Camp at the Edge of the World!; The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer; Divide -- And Conquer!; The Wondrous World of Dr. Strange!; This is a Plot?; To Sow the Seeds of Death's Day! / Attack of the War Machine! / Death-Camp at the Edge of the World!; Marked For Destruction by Dr. Doom!; Spider-Man; The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!; The Wondrous World of Dr. Strange!; Duel to the Death With the Vulture!; Marked For Destruction By Doctor Doom!; Spider-Man vs. the Chameleon!; Direct Edition; Cover by Mike ZeckL