More Fun Comics (1936-1947)
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9 March-April, 1936 Spring Is Just Around the Corner; The Holdup, Part 1; The Gavonian Affair, Part 9; Prince of Patrania, Part 9; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 7; Two Bit Dinner at Mike's; Fang Gow of China, Part 9; The Land of the Midgets of Zetruria; The Duped Musketeers; Damsel in Distress, Part 6; Escaped Ape; Dewey and the Pirates, Part 6; Siege in the Night; The Bank Robbers, Part 1; Books; The Living Ape God; The Bedouins, Part 9; The Mystery Plane, Part 5; King High; Talk About Talkies; Mountain Lion; Let's Hitch Our Sled to the Back of this Car; Treasure Island, Episode 5; Cover by Vin SullivanL
10 May, 1936 The Gavonian Affair, Part 10; Prince of Patrania, Part 10; Ketch that one and I'll give you five dollars!; Damsel in Distress, Part 7; Queen Zira of Zeturia; Fang Gow of China, Part 10; Golfing to China; The Wounded Indian; The Airplane; Leonidas / Louis XV; Captain Kiddlaw, Part 10; The Long Line; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 8; The Interview; The Capture of Duval; The Bank Robbers, Part 2; Wait Right Here; Devil's Island; The Underground Kingdom; The Hairy Ape, Part 2; The Holdup, Part 2; The Metheuselah Murders; Do You Know?; Definition of a Licking; Fishy Frolics; Tutankhamen's Brother; Talk About Talkies; Dewey and the Pirates, Part 7; Cover by Vin SullivanL
11 July, 1936 The Gavonian Affair, Part 11; Island Adventure, Part 1; Prince of Patrania, Part 11; A Chance for Life; Damsel in Distress, Part 8; Fang Gow of China, Part 11; Firebug; The World Has Its Disappointments For Each and Every One of Us; The Bedouin Adventure, Part 10; The Holdup, Part 3; The Mystery Plane, Part 7; The Purple Tiger, Part 1; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 9; Captain Kiddlaw, Part 11; The Bank Robbers, Part 3; It's a Fact; Dewey and the Pirates, Part 8; Attack of the Spider; Imagine That!; The Half-Breed, Part 1; The Ole Swimmin' Hole; Cover by Vin SullivanL
12 August, 1936 The Gavonian Affair, Part 12; Prince of Patrania, Part 12; Island Adventure, Part 3; Damsel in Distress, Part 9; The Big Ballgame, Part 1; Battle With the Monster; Fang Gow of China, Part 12; The Half-Breed, Part 2; Locked Out; Gunpowder; Dewey and the Pirates, Part 9; The Man From the Fireball; The Purple Tiger, Part 2; Love They Neighbor; Rabbit Hunting; The Ceremony; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 10; Adopted by Flint, Part 1; The Mystery Plane, Part 8; Croesus vs. Cyrus; The Holdup, Part 4; The Bedouin Adventure, Part 11; Cover by Vin SullivanL
13 September, 1936 Cover by Vin SullivanL
14 October, 1936 Cover by Vin SullivanL
15 November, 1936 Cover by Vin SullivanL
16 December, 1936 Cover by Vin SullivanL
17 January, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
18 February, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
19 March, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
20 May, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
21 June, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
22 July, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
23 August, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
24 September, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
25 October, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
26 November, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
27 December, 1937 Cover by Vin SullivanL
28 January, 1938 L
29 February, 1938 Cover by Vin SullivanL
30 March-April, 1938 Cover by Creig FlesselL
31 May, 1938 Cover by Creig FlesselL
32 June, 1938 Cover by Vin SullivanL
33 July, 1938 Cover by Vin SullivanL
34 August, 1938 Cover by Vin SullivanL
35 September, 1938 Radio Squad; Bloodhound Brown; Ginger SnapL
36 October, 1938 L
37 November, 1938 L
38 December, 1938 L
39 January, 1939 L
40 February, 1939 Cover by Creig FlesselL
41 March, 1939 L
42 April, 1939 Cover by Creig FlesselL
43 May, 1939 L
44 June, 1939 L
45 July, 1939 L
46 August, 1939 L
47 September, 1939 Cover by Fred GuardineerL
48 October, 1939 L
49 November, 1939 L
50 December, 1939 Cover by Fred GuardineerL
51 January, 1940 L
52 February, 1940 Spectre; Cover by Bernard BailyL
53 March, 1940 The Spectre Strikes; Cover by Bernard BailyL
54 April, 1940 The Spiritualist; Cover by Bernard BailyL
55 May, 1940 Zor; The Stolen Pearls; The Magnetic Mines; The Menace of Wotan; The Society of Assassins; The Death-Threats; Death Stalks the Campus; The Wolf Master; Murder Mystery; Cover by Bernard BailyL
56 June, 1940 Terror at Lytell's; Tale of a Shirt; Gabby Disappears; The Search for Africa's Ancient Ruins; Fur Chiselers; Transfer to Newport News; The Jade Hatchett; The Horse Thieves; The Search for Wotan; Cover by Howard ShermanL
57 July, 1940 The Return of Zor; Dr. Fate; Cover by Bernard BailyL
58 August, 1940 The Arsonist; Cover by Bernard BailyL
59A September, 1940 The Fur Hi-Jackers; 10 Cent Cover; Cover by Bernard BailyL
59B September, 1940 The Fur Hi-Jackers; 15 Cent Cover; Cover by Bernard BailyL
60 October, 1940 The Menace of Xnon; Cover by Bernard BailyL
61 November, 1940 The Golden Curse Deaths; Cover by Howard ShermanL
62 December, 1940 The Mad Creation of Professor Fenton; Cover by Bernard BailyL
63 January, 1941 Trigger Daniels' Death Curse; Cover by Bernard BailyL
64 February, 1941 The Ghost of Elmer Watson; Cover by Bernard BailyL
65 March, 1941 Dr. Mephisto; Cover by Bernard BailyL
66 April, 1941 The World Within the Paintings; Cover by Bernard BailyL
67 May, 1941 The Incredible Robberies; The Sky Hijackers; The Daring Daylight Diamond Robbery; Adventure in Central America; Riddle of the Statuette; The Flying Dragons; The Mystery Message; Death in the Saloon; The Origin of Doctor Fate; Cover by Bernard BailyL
68 June, 1941 Murders in Baranga Marsh; Cover by Howard ShermanL
69 July, 1941 The Shadow Killers; Cover by Howard ShermanL
70 August, 1941 Wotan and Karkull; Cover by Howard ShermanL
71 September, 1941 The Great Drought; Cover by Howard ShermanL
72 October, 1941 The Forger; Cover by Howard ShermanL
73 November, 1941 Mr. Who; Case of the Namesake Murders; Radio Squad: Murder Takes the Spotlight; Johnny Quick: The Black Knight; Clip Carson: Secret Mission in Honduras; Spectre: the Vanishing Menaces; Aquaman: The Submarine Strikes; Cover by Howard ShermanL
74 December, 1941 Introducing Percival Popp, the Super Cop; Silent City; Cover by Howard ShermanL
75 January, 1942 The Battle Against Time; Crime College; Jim Corrigan Lives Again; Cover by Howard ShermanL
76 February, 1942 The Secret of the Centuries; The King of Crime; The Head Man; Cover by Howard ShermanL
77 March, 1942 Doom Over Gayland; Freedom of the Seas; Death Rules the Elements; Cover by Howard ShermanL
78 April, 1942 The Black Raider; The Magic Crimes; The Sargasso Sea; Cover by George PappL
79 May, 1942 Money to Burn; The Boomerang; Mr. Meek Makes Haste; Aquaman Rules the Waves; Cover by George PappL
80 June, 1942 The Script Calls For Murder; Scourge of the Seven Seas; The Octopus; The King of Color; The Adventure of the Vanished Voice; Cover by George PappL
81 July, 1942 The Adventure of the Bankrupt Heroes; Champ of the Waves: Case of the Scholarly Spendthrift; Hall of Lost Heirs; Cover by George PappL
82 August, 1942 Robin Hood's Revenge; Luck for Sale; King of the Convict Island; The Truth Hurts; Cover by George PappL
83 September, 1942 The Two Fates; Thomas Jefferson's Treasure; The Five Arrows; Leatherpusher Law; Cover by George PappL
84 October, 1942 Hunting Headlines; Crimes Hobby House; Raid on Atlantis; The Cry Baby Crimes; Cover by George PappL
85 November, 1942 Th Man Who Reclaimed His Face; The Man Who Changed Faces; When Money Talks; The Unhappy Hunting Grounds; Cover by George PappL
86 December, 1942 400 Years in a Day; The Man Who Wanted No Medals; The Man Who Purchased Lives; The Race Around the World; The Man Who Knew All the Angles; Cover by Mort MeskinL
87 January, 1943 The Case of the Confident Crooks; Crimes that Bloom in Spring; The Mystery of Room 406; Ark of the Ancients; Cover by Mort MeskinL
88 February, 1943 The Mystery of the Mathematical Master; The Man Who Chased the Rainbow; The Victim of Dr. Fate; Crime Makes a Movie; Cover by Cliff YoungL
89 March, 1943 The Birth of the Battling Bowmen; The Case of the Crystal Crimes; The Streamlined Buccaneers!; Prescription for Plunder!; The Underworld Goes Overweight!; Cover by Cliff YoungL
90 April, 1943 Case of the Healthy Patient; Somewhere in the Pacific; Crime-Buster by Proxy; Yours Truly, Doom; Cover by Cliff YoungL
91 May-June, 1943 Silks and Spice and Everything Nice; The Man Who Belittled Dr. Fate; The Prophet Takes a Loss; Marauders of the Mississippi; Cover by Cliff YoungL
92 July-August, 1943 Legacy for Loot; Dr. Fate Turns Back the Clock; The Saga of the Seven Sisters; The Dummy vs. Percival Popp; Cover by Cliff YoungL
93 September-October, 1943 The Case of the Corny Crook; The Legend of Lucky Lane; Convoy to Murmansk; Crime Runs a Complex; Cover by Cliff YoungL
94 November-December, 1943 The Man Who Hated Puppets; The Destiny of Mr. Coffin; Battle of Italy; Guardians of Injustice; Cover by Cliff YoungL
95 January-February, 1944 Heroes Incorporated; Flames in the Night; The Book Bandits; Guerrillas of Fen-Shu; Cover by Cliff YoungL
96 March-April, 1944 The Weather Prophet; Forgotten Magic; Publicity Hound; Champion in War; Cover by Cliff YoungL
97 May-June, 1944 Whn Archers Meet; Nerves Take a Holiday; Penguin Island; Pharoahs Lamp; Cover by Cliff YoungL
98 July-August, 1944 Cartoons of Crime; The Fabulous Fawn; The Bashful King of Crime; Treasure of the Deep; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
99 September-October, 1944 Date with the Law; The Magician and the Mobsters; The Smoking Volcano; Cover by George PappL
100 November-December, 1944 Tubby Strikes it Rich!; The Captain of Cactus Gulch; Green Arrow's Secret Past; The Wood Carver and the Crooks; Cover by Mort MeskinL
101 January-February, 1945 The Origin of Superboy; Formula of Doom; Orphans of the Seal; The Unsafe Safe; Cover by Maurice del BourgoL
102 March-April, 1945 The Cruise of the Jolly Roger; The Unattainable Princess; Silent Sounds; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
103 May-June, 1945 A Modern Cave Man; A Return Performance; The Professor Goes to School; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
104 July-August, 1945 Good Hunting; Merchant of Menace; The Great Goldfish Bowl; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
105 September-October, 1945 The Million-Dollar Marbles Tournament; Miracle of the Mistaken Miser; Be-Kind-to-Whales Week; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
106 November-December, 1945 Crimes on Delivery; Consultants in Crime; The Liar Who Told the Truth; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
107 January-February, 1946 Ordeal on Wheels; Million + Murder = Zero; Blackie, Come Home; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL