More Fun Comics (1936-1947)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
85 November, 1942 Th Man Who Reclaimed His Face; The Man Who Changed Faces; When Money Talks; The Unhappy Hunting Grounds; Cover by George PappL
86 December, 1942 400 Years in a Day; The Man Who Wanted No Medals; The Man Who Purchased Lives; The Race Around the World; The Man Who Knew All the Angles; Cover by Mort MeskinL
87 January, 1943 The Case of the Confident Crooks; Crimes that Bloom in Spring; The Mystery of Room 406; Ark of the Ancients; Cover by Mort MeskinL
88 February, 1943 The Mystery of the Mathematical Master; The Man Who Chased the Rainbow; The Victim of Dr. Fate; Crime Makes a Movie; Cover by Cliff YoungL
89 March, 1943 The Birth of the Battling Bowmen; The Case of the Crystal Crimes; The Streamlined Buccaneers!; Prescription for Plunder!; The Underworld Goes Overweight!; Cover by Cliff YoungL
90 April, 1943 Case of the Healthy Patient; Somewhere in the Pacific; Crime-Buster by Proxy; Yours Truly, Doom; Cover by Cliff YoungL
91 May-June, 1943 Silks and Spice and Everything Nice; The Man Who Belittled Dr. Fate; The Prophet Takes a Loss; Marauders of the Mississippi; Cover by Cliff YoungL
92 July-August, 1943 Legacy for Loot; Dr. Fate Turns Back the Clock; The Saga of the Seven Sisters; The Dummy vs. Percival Popp; Cover by Cliff YoungL
93 September-October, 1943 The Case of the Corny Crook; The Legend of Lucky Lane; Convoy to Murmansk; Crime Runs a Complex; Cover by Cliff YoungL
94 November-December, 1943 The Man Who Hated Puppets; The Destiny of Mr. Coffin; Battle of Italy; Guardians of Injustice; Cover by Cliff YoungL
95 January-February, 1944 Heroes Incorporated; Flames in the Night; The Book Bandits; Guerrillas of Fen-Shu; Cover by Cliff YoungL
96 March-April, 1944 The Weather Prophet; Forgotten Magic; Publicity Hound; Champion in War; Cover by Cliff YoungL
97 May-June, 1944 Whn Archers Meet; Nerves Take a Holiday; Penguin Island; Pharoahs Lamp; Cover by Cliff YoungL
98 July-August, 1944 Cartoons of Crime; The Fabulous Fawn; The Bashful King of Crime; Treasure of the Deep; Cover by Henry BoltinoffL
99 September-October, 1944 Date with the Law; The Magician and the Mobsters; The Smoking Volcano; Cover by George PappL
100 November-December, 1944 Tubby Strikes it Rich!; The Captain of Cactus Gulch; Green Arrow's Secret Past; The Wood Carver and the Crooks; Cover by Mort MeskinL