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TP Vol 1 September, 2008 Sugershock!: Battle Royale with Cheese; Sock Monkey in the Deep, Deep Woods; A Circuit Closed; The Comic Con Murder Case; Sugershock!: For Those about to Rock and/or Die; Sugershock!: The Greatest Story Ever Blogged; The Umbrella Academy: Safe & Sound; Founding Fathers Funnies presents Martha Washington in A Widow's Worry; Gear School; Samurai: Heaven and Earth - The Forest; Empowered: Who da Ubermensch?; Chickenhare: Random Bones; The Nocturnal Adventures of Scratch and Suck; Tricks of the Trade; The Axeman; The Christmas Spirit: A Strange Tale of the Season; Eat the Walls; Fear Agent: Nothing to Fear...; The Goon, Chapter One: The Big Blue Note; The Goon, Chapter Two: Bogged Down at Bush Street; The Goon, Chapter Three: A Reasonable Amount of Trouble; The Goon, Chapter Four: Enter the Pecker; Cover by Fabio MoonL