Our Fighting Forces (1954-1978)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
14 October, 1956 Unseen War; Tank on the Run; Twin Punch!; PT Boat Log; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
15 November, 1956 Target for a Lame Duck; Foxhole Break; Torpedo for a Frogman!; The Mountain; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
19 March, 1957 Straighten that Line!; The Flying Corridor; The Underwater Obstacle; Step this Way -- War; Cover by Joe KubertL
23 July, 1957 Tin-Fish Pilot; Police Up the Area; Rookie Tank; Don't Fire Back; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
26 October, 1957 Tag Day!; Battle Light for Easy; Finger Man; The Soldier Without a Name; Cover by Joe KubertL
29 January, 1958 Listen to a Jet; Bottom of the War; No Identity; Tank Wrecker; Cover by Joe KubertL
30 February, 1958 Fort for a Gunner; War is a One-Way Street; Dry Run Frogman!; Don't Miss; Cover by Joe KubertL
31 March, 1958 Silent Sub; Wanted -- War; The Pigeon Run; T.N.T. Ringer!; Cover by Joe KubertL
32 April, 1958 Paper Work War!; Wait Here for Us; Easy Does It; Checkpoint; Cover by Russ HeathL
34 June, 1958 Call for U-217!; Ace on My Back; Stop -- War Going On; Cover by Joe KubertL
35 July, 1958 Mask of a Frogman!; Tiger Alley; Dry Run; No War Before Breakfast; Cover by Joe KubertL
36 August, 1958 Steel Soldier!; Flying Jungle Fighter; Proud Gun; Cover by Joe KubertL
37 September, 1958 Frogman in a Bottle!; T.N.T. Can Opener; Way Out in Front; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
38 October, 1958 Sub Sinker!; Rubber Stamp; The War is Over; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
39 November, 1958 The Last Torpedo; No Holiday for a G.I.; The Face of War; No Man's Ocean; Cover by Russ HeathL
40 December, 1958 The Silent Ones!; Diary of Two Aces; Jackpot Target; Cover by Joe KubertL
41 January, 1959 Battle Mustang!; Unknown G.I.; No Name Hill; Cover by Joe KubertL
48 August, 1959 A Statue for Sarge!; Frogman on Ice; Grandpop's Jet; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
50 October, 1959 It's Always Six O'Clock; My Pal -- The Pooch!; The Walking Bridge; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
51 November, 1959 Underwater Gunner!; Frogman Trap; Combat Chicken; Cover by Russ HeathL
52 December, 1959 The Biggest Target in the World; Non-Stop Patrol; Hometown Jet; Cover by Joe KubertL
54 April, 1960 An Iron Egg for Sarge!; Fighting Switch; G.I. Shock Absorbers; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
57 October, 1960 A Tank for Sarge!; A Frogman for a Porpoise; Soften 'Em Up; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
58 December, 1960 Return of the Pooch!; UDT 3 is Missing; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
85 July, 1964 T.N.T. Pinpoints!; Cover by Joe KubertL
86 August, 1964 3 Faces of Combat!; Cover by Joe KubertL
87 October, 1964 Battle of the Boobytraps; Cover by Joe KubertL
88 November, 1964 Devil Dog Patrol!; Cover by Joe KubertL
89 January, 1965 Submarine Baby-Sitter; TNT Toothache!; Cover by Joe KubertL
90 February, 1965 Stop the War!; Cover by Joe KubertL
91 April, 1965 The Human Shooting Gallery!; Cover by Joe KubertL
92 May, 1965 The Bomb that Stopped the War!; Cover by Joe KubertL
93 July, 1965 Human Sharks!; Cover by Joe KubertL
94 August, 1965 The Human Blockbusters; The Zep and the Mosquito; Cover by Russ HeathL
96 November, 1965 Battle of Fire; Desert Ambush!; Cover by Russ HeathL
98 February, 1966 Death Wore a Grin!; Breakthrough in Reverse; Cover by Irv NovickL
99 April, 1966 No Mercy in Vietnam!; Odds of DeathL
100 May, 1966 Death Stalks The Hunter!; If We Miss - You Die!; Cover by Joe KubertL
101 July, 1966 The Killer of Vietnam!; Th Battle of Coney Island; Cover by Russ HeathL
102 August, 1966 Cold Steel for a Hot War!; Periscope Quarterback; Cover by Joe KubertL
103 October, 1966 The Tunnels of Death!; No Hill for Easy; Cover by Joe KubertL
105 February, 1967 Blood Loyalty!; Secret of the Sergeant; Cover by Joe KubertL
106 April, 1967 Trial by Fury!; Hunter's Hellcats; Cover by Irv NovickL
107 June, 1967 Raid of the Hellcats!; Flying Coffin; Cover by Irv NovickL
108 August, 1967 Kill the Wolf Pack!; Flying Jeep; Cover by Irv NovickL
109 October, 1967 Burn, Raider, Burn!; The Unsinkable Sub; Cover by Irv NovickL
110 December, 1967 Mountains Full of Death!; Sarge Without Stripes; Cover by Irv NovickL
111 February, 1968 Train of Terror; No Movies in a Foxhole; Cover by Irv NovickL
112 April, 1968 What's In It for the Hellcats?; I Haven't Had My Basic Training Yet; Cover by Irv NovickL
113 June, 1968 Mission -- Survival!; Tanks are More Than Steel; Cover by Irv NovickL
116 December, 1968 Peril from the Casbah!; Combat Cowboy; The Silent Tin Can; Cover by Joe KubertL