Our Fighting Forces (1954-1978)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
6 August-September, 1955 Sitting Tank!; Battlefield Taxi; Combat Bugle; War Around the Clock; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
8 December-January, 1955 No War for a Gunner!; Battle Ramp; Fit to Fight; Objective Nowhere; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
10 April-May, 1956 Grenade Pitcher!; Fair Weather Fighter; Junkman's War; Three Doors to War; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
14 October, 1956 Unseen War; Tank on the Run; Twin Punch!; PT Boat Log; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
16 December, 1956 Night Fighter; Cover Me; Jungle Enemy; Battle Page!; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
17 January, 1957 Anchored Frogman; The Cloud that Went to War; Battle Mirror; Tag Day!; The Unsinkable Gun; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
18 February, 1957 The Cockpit Seat!; G.I. Speed-Box; The Sands of War; Flak Alley; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
21 May, 1957 The Bouncing Boy of B Company!; Borrowed War; One Man Task Force; Lonely Captain; Cover by Joe KubertL
23 July, 1957 Tin-Fish Pilot; Police Up the Area; Rookie Tank; Don't Fire Back; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
24 August, 1957 Frogman Duel!; Keep Going; A Bundle for Baker; A Wall Around the War; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
25 September, 1957 Dead End!; The Fort Without a Name; The Face of the Fighter; Wooden Gun; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
26 October, 1957 Tag Day!; Battle Light for Easy; Finger Man; The Soldier Without a Name; Cover by Joe KubertL
29 January, 1958 Listen to a Jet; Bottom of the War; No Identity; Tank Wrecker; Cover by Joe KubertL
30 February, 1958 Fort for a Gunner; War is a One-Way Street; Dry Run Frogman!; Don't Miss; Cover by Joe KubertL
31 March, 1958 Silent Sub; Wanted -- War; The Pigeon Run; T.N.T. Ringer!; Cover by Joe KubertL
32 April, 1958 Paper Work War!; Wait Here for Us; Easy Does It; Checkpoint; Cover by Russ HeathL
33 May, 1958 Frogman in a Net!; Silver Star in a Tin Can; Send for Sarge; Cover by Joe KubertL
35 July, 1958 Mask of a Frogman!; Tiger Alley; Dry Run; No War Before Breakfast; Cover by Joe KubertL
36 August, 1958 Steel Soldier!; Flying Jungle Fighter; Proud Gun; Cover by Joe KubertL
37 September, 1958 Frogman in a Bottle!; T.N.T. Can Opener; Way Out in Front; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
39 November, 1958 The Last Torpedo; No Holiday for a G.I.; The Face of War; No Man's Ocean; Cover by Russ HeathL
42 February, 1959 Sorry -- Wrong Hill!; Bull's Eye Fort; Fire Jumper; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
117 February, 1969 Colder than Death; The Three G.I.s; Medal in the Mud; Cover by Joe KubertL