Rising Stars (1999-2005)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
0A July, 1999 Initiations; Wizard Exclusive Edition; Cover by Gary FrankL
.5E August, 2001 Direct Edition; Cover by Brent AndersonL
1A August, 1999 Nova Placenta; Posing CoverL
2A October, 1999 Can't Touch This; Cover by Keu ChaL
3 December, 1999 Whatever Happened to Lee Jackson?; Cover by Peter SteigerwaldL
4 January, 2000 Masques; Cover by Christian ZanierL
5 March, 2000 The World Between; Cover by Christian ZanierL
6 April, 2000 Things Fall Apart, Part 1; Cover by Christian ZanierL
7A May, 2000 Things Fall Apart, Part 2; Cover by Christian ZanierL
8 June, 2000 Things Fall Apart, Part 3; Cover by Christian ZanierL
9A August, 2000 Choices Made; Cover by Christian ZanierL
10 October, 2000 Reversals Of Fortune; Cover by Gary FrankL
11 November, 2000 What Goes Around...; Cover by Christian ZanierL
12A January, 2001 A, B, C, and D; Cover by Ken LashleyL
13A March, 2001 Stalingrad; Cover by Christian ZanierL
14 May, 2001 Things Change; Cover by Stuart ImmonenL
15A July, 2001 Power; Cover by Brent AndersonL
16A September, 2001 Selah; Cover by Brent AndersonL
17 January, 2002 Time Passes; Cover by Brent AndersonL
18 April, 2002 Fire and Ash; Cover by Brent AndersonL
19 September, 2002 Terminal Error; Cover by Brent AndersonL
20 October, 2002 Blood Calls Out for Blood; Cover by Brent AndersonL
21 January, 2003 Conversations on the Hill of Dreams; Cover by Brent AndersonL
22 November, 2004 Phoenix in Ascension, Part 1; Cover by Brent AndersonL
23 December, 2004 Phoenix in Ascension, Part 2; Cover by Brent AndersonL
24 March, 2005 Phoenix in Ascension, Part 3; Cover by Brent AndersonL
Prelude A October, 2000 Visitations & Midnight Thoughts; Cover by Ken LashleyL
Preview A 1999 L