Roger Rabbit (1990-1991)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 June, 1990 The Trouble With Toons; Cover by Rick HobergL
2 July, 1990 The Color of Trouble; Cover by Rick HobergL
3 August, 1990 Roller Coaster Riot; Cover by Rick HobergL
4 September, 1990 Little China in Big Trouble; Cover by Rick HobergL
5 October, 1990 Justifiable Hamicide!; Cover by Keith TuckerL
6 November, 1990 Taxi Turmoil; Cover by Keith TuckerL
7 December, 1990 Djinn Game; Cover by Keith TuckerL
8 January, 1991 The Spies of Life; Cover by Keith TuckerL
9 February, 1991 Your Hare's on Fire; Cover by Keith TuckerL
10 March, 1991 The Case of the Tuned-In Toons; Cover by Keith TuckerL
11 April, 1991 Who Framed Rick Flint?; Cover by Keith TuckerL
12 May, 1991 Somebunny to Love Me!; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL
13 June, 1991 Stork Raving Mad; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL
14 July, 1991 Who Fired Jessica Rabbit?; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL
15 August, 1991 The Great Toon Detective; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL
16 September, 1991 See Ya Later, Aviator; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL
17 October, 1991 Flying Saucers Over Toontown; Cover by Tom BancroftL
18 November, 1991 I Have Seen the Future, and it is... Rutabagas?; Cover by Jukka MurtosaariL