Sgt. Fury (1963-1981)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 May, 1963 Seven Against the Nazis!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
2 July, 1963 7 Doomed Men!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
3 September, 1963 Midnight at Massacre Mountain!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
4 November, 1963 Lord Ha-Ha's Last Laugh!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
5 January, 1964 At the Mercy of Baron Strucker; Cover by Jack KirbyL
6 March, 1964 The Fangs of the Fox!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
7 May, 1964 The Court Martial of Sgt. Fury!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
8 July, 1964 The Death Ray of Dr. Zemo!; Cover by Dick AyersL
9 August, 1964 Mission: Capture Adolf Hitler!; Cover by Dick AyersL
10 September, 1964 On to Okinawa!; Cover by John SeverinL
11 October, 1964 The Crackdown of Capt. Flint!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
12 November, 1964 When a Howler Turns Traitor!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
13A December, 1964 Fighting Side-By-Side With... Captain America and Bucky!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
13B December, 1994 Fighting Side-By-Side With... Captain America and Bucky!; 1994 Marvel Vintage Pack Reprint; Cover by Jack KirbyL
14 January, 1965 The Blitzkrieg Squad of Baron Strucker!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
15 February, 1965 Too Small to Fight, Too Young to Die!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
16 March, 1965 A Fortress in the Desert Stands!L
17 April, 1965 While the Jungle Sleeps!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
18 May, 1965 Killed in Action!L
19 June, 1965 An Eye For An Eye!; Cover by Dick AyersL
20 July, 1965 The Blitz Squad Strikes!; Cover by Dick AyersL
21 August, 1965 To Free a Hostage!; Cover by Dick AyersL
22 September, 1965 Never Turn Your Back on Bull McGiveney!L
23 October, 1965 The Man Who Failed!L
24 November, 1965 When the Howlers Hit the Home Front!; Cover by Dick AyersL
25 December, 1965 Every Man My Enemy!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
26 January, 1966 Dum Dum Does it the Hard Way!; Cover by Dick AyersL
27 February, 1966 Fury Fights Alone!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
28 March, 1966 Not a Man Shall Remain Alive!; Cover by Dick AyersL
29 April, 1966 Armageddon!; Cover by Dick AyersL
30 May, 1966 Incident in Italy!; Cover by Dick AyersL
31 June, 1966 Into the Jaws of... Death!; Cover by Dick AyersL
32 July, 1966 A Traitor in Our Midst!; Cover by Dick AyersL
33 August, 1966 The Grandeur That Was Greece!; Cover by Dick AyersL
34 September, 1966 The Origin of the Howlers!; Cover by Dick AyersL
35 October, 1966 Berlin Breakout!; Cover by Dick AyersL
36 November, 1966 My Brother, My Enemy!; Cover by Dick AyersL
37 December, 1966 In the Desert... To Die!; Cover by Dick AyersL
38 January, 1967 This One's For Dino!L
39 February, 1967 Into the Fortress of... Fear!; Cover by Dick AyersL
40 March, 1967 ...That France Might Be Free!; Cover by Dick AyersL
41 April, 1967 Blitzkrieg in Britain!; Cover by Dick AyersL
42 May, 1967 Three Were A.W.O.L.!; Cover by Dick AyersL
43 June, 1967 The Scourge of the Sahara!; Cover by Dick AyersL
44 July, 1967 The Howlers' First Mission!; Cover by Dick AyersL
45 August, 1967 The War-Lover!; Cover by John SeverinL
46 September, 1967 They Also Serve!; Cover by John SeverinL
47 October, 1967 Tea and Sabotage!; Cover by John SeverinL
48 November, 1967 If Britain Should Fall!; Cover by John SeverinL
49 December, 1967 On to Tarawa!; Cover by John SeverinL
50 January, 1968 On the Beach Waits Death!; Cover by John SeverinL
51 February, 1968 The Assassin!; Cover by John SeverinL
52 March, 1968 Triumph at Treblinka!L
53 April, 1968 To the Bastions of Bavaria!; Cover by John SeverinL
54 May, 1968 Izzy Shoots the Works!L
55 June, 1968 The Cry of Battle... The Kiss of Death!; Cover by John SeverinL
56 July, 1968 Gabriel, Blow Your Horn!L
57 August, 1968 The Informer!; Cover by John SeverinL
58 September, 1968 Right in the Fuehrer's Face!; Cover by John SeverinL
59 October, 1968 D-Day For Dum Dum!L
60 November, 1968 The Court Martial of Dum Dum Dugan!L
61 December, 1968 The Big Breakout!L
62 January, 1969 The Name is... Bass... Sergeant Bass!; Cover by John SeverinL
63 February, 1969 To Die With Honor!; Cover by John SeverinL
64 March, 1969 The Peacemonger!; Cover by John SeverinL
65 April, 1969 Blood is Thicker!; Cover by John SeverinL
66 May, 1969 Liberty Rides the Underground!; Cover by John SeverinL
67 June, 1969 With a Little Help From My Friends!L
68 July, 1969 On the Sidewalks of New York!; Cover by John SeverinL
69 August, 1969 Holocaust in Hell's Kitchen!; Cover by John SeverinL
70 September, 1969 The Missouri Marauders!; Cover by John SeverinL
71 October, 1969 Burn, Bridge, Burn!; Cover by John SeverinL
72 November, 1969 Play It Alone, Sam!L
73 December, 1969 When Two Worlds Collide!; Cover by John SeverinL
74 January, 1970 Each Man Alone!L
75 February, 1970 The Deserter!; Cover by John SeverinL
76 March, 1970 He Fought the Red Baron!; Cover by John SeverinL
77 April, 1970 Trapped By a Traitor!; Cover by John SeverinL
78 May, 1970 Escape... Or Die!; Cover by John SeverinL
79 June, 1970 Death in the High Castle!; Cover by John SeverinL
80 September, 1970 To Free a Hostage!; Cover by Dick AyersL
81 November, 1970 The All-American!; Cover by Dick AyersL
82 December, 1970 When the Howlers Hit the Home Front!L
83 January, 1971 A Legend Called... Man-Mountain McCoy!L
84 February, 1971 The Devil's Disciples!; Cover by Dick AyersL
85 March, 1971 Every Man My Enemy!L
86 April, 1971 A Little Town in France...; Cover by Dick AyersL
87 May, 1971 Dum Dum Does it the Hard Way!L
88 June, 1971 Save the General... Win the War!L
89 July, 1971 Fury Fights Alone!L
90 August, 1971 ...And One Must Die!; Cover by Dick AyersL
91 September, 1971 Not a Man Shall Remain Alive!; Cover by Dick AyersL
92 October, 1971 Some Die Slowly!; Into the Jaws of... Death!; Cover by Herb TrimpeL
93 November, 1971 A Traitor in Our Midst!L
94 January, 1972 Who'll Stop the Rain?; Cover by Gil KaneL
95 February, 1972 7 Doomed Men!; Cover by Gil KaneL
96 March, 1972 This Ravaged Land!L
97 April, 1972 ...Till the Last Man Shall Fall!L
98 May, 1972 Top Secret: Dugan's Deadly Dozen!; Cover by John SeverinL
99 June, 1972 The Grandeur That Was Greece!L