Showcase '94
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 January, 1994 Joker, New Gods, Gunfire; Cover by Kevin NowlanL
2 February, 1994 Joker, Blue Beetle, Gunfire; Cover by Kevin O'NeillL
3 March, 1994 Arkham, Blue Beetle, Psyba-Rats; Cover by Mike MignolaL
4 April, 1994 Arkham, Blue Beetle, Psyba-RatsL
5 May, 1994 Benedictions, Part 1: Midnight Confession; Cover by Walter Simonson - 'Walt Simonson'L
6 June, 1994 Benedictions, Part 3: Vengeance and Forgiveness; Cover by Bart SearsL
7 July, 1994 Cracks; Cover by Jae LeeL
8 August, 1994 Prelude to Zero Hour; Cover by Ted McKeeverL
9A August, 1994 Prelude to Zero Hour; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Shawn McManusN
9B August, 1994 Prelude to Zero Hour; Direct Edition; Cover by Shawn McManusL
10 October, 1994 Aftermath; Cover by Joe QuesadaL
11 November, 1994 Man-Bat, Starfire, Black Condor; Cover by Geof DarrowL
12 December, 1994 Ballistic, Triumph, Oracle; Cover by Kelley JonesL