Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery
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TP Vol 1 February, 2006 A Witch Must Die!; Born Loser; Comes a Warrior; Dark City of Doom; Dark Night, Dark Dreams!; Fright; Grave Results!; His Name is... Kane; House of Madness!; Image of Darkness; Night Prowler!; Nightmare; No Strings Attached; Nobody Loves a Lizard!; Scared to Life; Secret of the Whale's Vengeance; Sir Greeley's Revenge, The Siren of Satan,; Sour Note; The Dead Can Kill!; The Deadly Game of G-H-O-S-T; The Devil's Doorway; The Eyes of the Cat; The Gardener of Eden!; The Gift of Doom; The Hanging Tree; The Haunting!; The Hound of Night!; The House of Gargoyles; The House of No Return!; The Human Wave; The King is Dead; The Man Who Murdered Himself; The Negative Man; The Roots of Evil!; The Secret of the Egyptian Cat; The Thing in the Chair; The Widow's Walk; The Wondrous Witch's Cauldron; Voodoo Vengeance!; Cover by Joe OrlandoL
TP Vol 2 February, 2007 A Breath Of Black Death; A Deal Witha Sorcerer!; A Real Mother!; Almost Human; Bat Out of Hell!; Body Beautiful; Brief Visit; Countdown; For Money... For Love!; He Doomed the World!; Last Ritual, Last Rites; Maniacs; Over the High Side; Phony Face!; Sentimental Journey; Sno' Fun!; Snow Beast; Stay Away From Me -- You Might Die; The 1000 Eyes of Death; The Beast's Revenge; The Burning!; The Coffin Creature; The Creator of Evil!; The Day of the Demon!' He Adopted a Martian Boy; The Day the Clock Stopped?; The Exterminator; The Fantastic Wishing Well; The Forbidden Wish; The Golden Doom; The Haunting Wind!; The Immortal; The Lunatic; The Phantom on Wheels!; The Poster Plague; The Secret Of Camp Galaxy; The Shearing of a Soul!; The Spell!; The Thing in the Telescope; The Tower of Prey; The Whole Ball of Tin; Things Old, Things Forgotten; This Evil Demon Loves People!; Tomorrow I Hang!; Two Lives to Live!; Who am I?; Cover by Nick CardyL