Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery
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TP Vol 3 March, 2009 An Ice Place to Visit; Back from the Realm of the Damned; Curse of the Werewolf; Ever After; Fireman, Burn My Child!; Garden of Evil; Graveyard Shift; Halfway to Hell; He Who Laughs Last; In His Own Image!; Look Into My Eyes... and Kill!; Master of the Unknown; Monster in the House; Oh, Mom! Oh, Dad! You've Sent Me Away to Summer Camp... and I'm So Sad!; Out of this World; Pingo!; Scared to Life; See No Evil; Shadow Show; Special Sale: Canned Death 1/2 Off!; Teddy Doesn't Seem to Smile Anymore!; The Abominable Ivy; The Curse of the MacIntyres; The Death Clock; The Devil's Chessboard; The Hairy Shadows; The Haunted Melody; The Living Nightmare!; The Man Who Died Twice; The Night of the Teddy Bear!; The Other Side!; The Perfect Mate; The School For Sorcerers; The Shaggy Dog; The Wishes of Doom!; This One'll Scare You to Death!; Vengeance is Mine!; Cover by Bernie Wrightson - 'Berni Wrightson'L