Silver Surfer (1987-1998)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
Annual 1B July, 1988 The Evolutionary War, Part 3: Adam; Moth to the Flame; [Untitled]; The Saga of the High Evolutionary, Part 3: The Men, the Mine, the Mountain!; Direct EditionL
Annual 2A July, 1989 Atlantis Attacks, Part 1: How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth; How the Silver Surfer's Powers Work!!; Cosmic Awareness Comparison; An Informal Tour of the Universe; Buried Treasure; Shooting Star; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 1: Creation; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Ron LimL
Annual 3B July, 1990 Lifeform, Part 4: --Termination?; The Powers of the Silver Surfer's Board!; Shades of Guilt; Direct Edition; Cover by Ron LimL
Annual 4B July, 1991 The Origin of the Silver Surfer; The Korvac Quest, Part 3: The Price of Paradise; First Love; Dawning; Direct Edition; Cover by Ron LimL
Annual 6C September, 1993 Legacy; The Axe; Holy Ground; Direct Edition; Not Polybagged; Cover by Ron LimL
Annual 7 August, 1994 To Serve; Running From the Past; Cover by Ron LimL